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 personalised gifts     |      2020-02-27 07:18

Come inside the Sheridan Sydney Design Studio where our quilt cover designs are painted by hand.

Watch this timelapse video to see the artistic processunfold into a thing of beauty.

personalised gifts

At the Sheridan Sydney Design Studio, our team of in house artists, textile designers and our Master Weaver create beautiful designs by hand. We have a long history of collaborating with artists and every printed piece we produce is a one of a kind artwork designed and hand painted in our Sydney Design Studio.

The studio truly is a place of creativity and inspiration. Sketchingpersonalised gifts, etching, watercolour painting and an exploration of various other techniques all take place here.

The hand paintings created by our artists are transformed into beautiful lifestyle products by digital printing.

Sheridan’s strong history in freehand design dates back to our founder Claudio Alcorso who established the company in 1967. Alcorso’s vision was to bring art into the everyday lives of Australians, be it by adding a cushion or bedlinen set featuring a beautiful freehand graphic design.

Since then, his beautifully inspired vision has been articulated throughout everything we do, especially through our collaboration with in house and external artists – Ken Done and Jenny Kee’s famous quilt covers in the late eighties being iconic examples. An artistic thread we aim to have running through Sheridan always.

As fall unfolds, there’s one home trend that keeps us all warm: cashmere. Drape your decor with soft, toasty cashmere. Whether folded over the back of the sofa or placed across the foot of the bed, cashmere throws lend their inviting touch to interior design and welcome guests with their exquisite comfort. Cashmere layers beautifully with other fall textures like faux fur, mohair, merino wool, and velvet.

It’s spring in Kentucky which means only one thing, it’s Derby Time!! I know that you’ve heard me say it before, but Derby time in Kentucky is one of my most favorite times of the year. There are loads of great activities for families and the whole city puts on a great show to welcome everyone to town. We have had a Kentucky Derby Party several times – it’s usually very kid friendly and casual. This year I was inspired to plan something a bit fancier, and have been pinning Kentucky Derby Party ideas like a mad woman.

If any of you have been reading this ol’ blog for any amount of time, you know that my favorite thing to sew….is KID CLOTHES!? Kids bodies are so simple and don’t need a lot of fussy techniques to create really cute things.? And kids are so much less fussy about how things look on their body….so there’s that too! ;)? And yeah, sometimes I like to make more intricate things for them (like, Halloween….which is right around the corner—squeeeeal!!!)…..but for the most part, I like making simple things that come together quickly!? I’m a sucker for fabric and oftentimes buy fabric ahead of time just because I like it, without any clue what I’m going to make with it.