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I don’;t get too excited about decorating my mantel.? I was looking for Halloween mantel ideas that were short…;…; I was pretty happy with using my Halloween Spooky Terrariums and adding other spooky items. But my mantel never has that grand and beautiful look.? I have to keep my decor somewhat short…;…;…;I’;ll explain later.

So I tend to do a long row of decor to bring in a bit of personality.

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I picked up a few supplies at my local dollar store to add to my terrariums.? To spook it up a bit.

I can’;t get enough white or green pumpkins this time of year.

You may be wondering why that wall is bare…;…;..looks a bit out of place for a girl who likes to decorate.? Do you remember back a few months when I threw a fit over my husband wanting a TV over the fireplace?? And I told him he could…;.. ONLY if he would make my shutters slide, so I could cover it up when I wanted.

So…;.. That’;s why that wall is bare.? Now I’;m looking for another small cabinet to go on the right side of the fireplace.?? And that is why my mantel decor needs to be short.? It can’;t get in the way of TV watching or in the way of a sliding shutter. (first world problems)


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personalised gifts