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 personalised birthday gifts     |      2020-03-30 20:02

This has been such a special project for me to be a part of, to help someone remember their loved one can be a unique gift of love.?

You will want to not trim your block yet. Quilting will help shrink the block, and if it’s a little bigger when they go to the frame they can tack it onto the wood, depending on how you frame it. We will talk about that in a moment.

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You will want to measure your white background to be around 27” x 18”personalised birthday gifts, I prefer to have the background larger. Cut your batting at 25” x 17”, and leave your block untrimmed. Go to an area where you have good ventilation. Take your bottom block and have the wrong side of the fabric facing you. Spray with glue. Then carefully place the cotton and smooth out so no lumps are on the background. Spray the batting with glue and carefully place your top down and smooth it out so no lumps are on the top. If you wish, you can either do a basting stitch around the outer edge or you can use pins or clips.

You will now engage your BERNINA Stitch Regulator?(or use your favorite free-motion quilting foot) into your machine. Add a contrast thread or white thread to quilt! I prefer Aurifil Cotton White for quilting. You will want to grab your glove, I use the Fons and Porter. This will help me keep a good grip and tension as I quilt. You will want to start in the center and quilt as you like. For example, I did an overall stitch for each quilt block.

Once I am done, I take it to the cutting board and trim down the block. You now can use a 3-thread overlock stitch or zig-zag around the edge to keep it nice and tight.

I then gave the block over to my friend Jenny and she had her husband frame each block in Farmer Style Frames, I don’t know much about the framing process, but I am in awe how they captured the beauty of the quilts. It honors her mother’s well. You can see in the frame it doesn’t have to show the whole block, and going into that we knew we wanted the Dresden’s to be the spotlight.

It is never easy to make something like this, and this project is near and dear to my heart since I lost my father in May. I encourage you, to do something special to honor those you love, or to help honor a friend.

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