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Does your thread stash look something like this??Make your thread last longer with these tips for keeping your thread spools stored safely.

Thread thrown together in a box or bin can tangle together, or start to sag, and create stress-spots on the spools.

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Store thread properly in a container that keeps the spools separated and free from tanglingpersonalised birthday gifts, such as clear bins or thread boxes.

Boxes or bins with small compartments or separators are also great for storing thread.

Using a special thread rack with pins for the spools of thread, or creating your own rack by adding pins to a pegboard are also good ways to keep your threads tangle-free.

Keep thread ends tucked neatly away when storing thread. Some spools have a thread-end keeper built in, like this Gutermann?thread spool.

If your thread spool doesn’;t include a built in thread end keeper, use a small piece of Amazing Tape or Glad Press’;n Seal to wrap around the spool and keep the loose ends safely tucked away.

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