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“;This season we wanted to offer a more sophisticated collection to our many loyal customers with feminine, decorative tastes. This look is French antique, rather than English vintage – hence the name.

The lynch pin of this theme is the Amelie furniture range – classic French antique styling made from solid mango woodpersonalised birthday gifts, which is ‘pickled’ to provide the greyed off and aged finish.

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What makes the collection look new is the playful use of colour and scale. The sofa has been covered in a dusky pink fabric, whilst the accent chair is almost black. This is one of our strongest stories for decorative objects – this customer likes to see her scheme complete with all the finishing touches. We have some beautiful gallery art, floral arrangements and my particular favourite – the huge, oversized clock – which is almost a metre in diameter! This piece alone will make an eye-catching statement in any home.

This collection really comes to life for me in the bedroom and bathroom. The floral Pivoine pattern is cleverly designed to look like its drawn with chalk pencils on a blackboard – dark, dark charcoal and soft white. The bedding accessories, by contrast, are soft in colour and handle. Matelasse and cellular fabrics are a big trend in textiles and I am planning to get the Madison waffle throw for my guest bedroom.”;

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