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Image via “The Streets I Know: A vegan fashion blog”

Recently, British international luxury designer Stella McCartney created a scholarship for Cruelty-Free-Fashion-Designers. For those who are unaware, a staunch vegetarian by nature, all the designs by Stella McCartney are leather and fur free. Not only that, the luxury designer also creates a vegan perfumes as well as organic-cruelty free range of skincare products.

Yes, the concept of ‘cruelty free’ fashion products is gaining massive popularity abroad. But closer to home it’s still very wishy washy. Let’s make it simpler; can you imagine staying warm and cozy without your woolen wear and leather jackets? Or make a style statement for without your designer leather handbag? ?These days many stylists and fashion designer will say that you canpersonalised birthday gifts, all you need to do is to make different choices. Nylon, cotton, polyester, maybe? These fashion designers who believe in vegan fashion are abstaining from expending materials such as leather, wool, fur, silk and feathers in their fashion lines, and replacing them with ethical substitutes such man-made leather, fake fur, satin, rayon and cotton etc. Non leather bags, hell yea!

Yes, compassion is important. And if an animal was harmed to make a material, then it’s off limits. Even as select people in India deliberately go for non-violent selections in individual wear as well, it is in markets outside the country that vegan personal products are creating a wave.

Yes, it’s true that the substances like silk, pearls, shoes and bone china, some of the most luxurious choices we make are harshest on animals. But is it any different from eating non-vegetarian food items? And can the choice of opting for Vegan fashion be justified if one does not all the way and give up animals products in general? We think it’s all about individual decisions and choices, but yes, ethical living is the driving force for many new innovations such as leather shoes, fake leather jackets, and rubber boots. Long live vegan fashion?

Would you give up leather and opt for Vegan fashion to support your compassion towards living creatures? Or do you think the issue is overrated? Share your thoughts with us.?

For our next project in our Summer Sewing series, we have this fun and adorable project from Kimbo at A Girl and a Glue Gun. She’s showing us how to make a fringe tank AND how to?DIY the pineapple painting on the front! Keep reading to get all the “juicy” details *wink*.

Like your hallway, your bathroom offers you a limited space and area to practice the trend of squaring, which is going to be huge this spring and now you have the chance to get a head quick head start. Your choices of furniture will be almost non-existent but small pieces, of decorative and practical use, can all add quite a subtle touch that guests will appreciate.

My daughter is the light of my life, and nothing sounds more lovely to my crafty ears than hearing her beg “mama, I want to sew! puhhhhleeeaaaassseeeee!!!”But also it’s sort of a double edged sword, because 3 year olds can’t really sew. What they can do is bounce about a room filled with scissors, needles, and heavy machinery, pulling any remotely-pink fabric off the shelves and squealing with glee and determination to help while unraveling every roll of sparkly thread and pom poms they set their little eyes on. In this case, I told her we could sew a new naptime pillow for school. All of my suggestions for pillow styles were rebuffed, as she had already designed the perfect pillow in her head. Her description was clear: “Mom, I want a pillow in the shape of a heart. I want a heart pocket too. I want a plain pink heart pocket and I want a tinkerbell on it.” Umm, ok. I told her to pick out her fabric and we got to work.She really liked the results.I also thought it turned out pretty cute, so we made a few more (including one for her cousin JoJo). So Scarlet has created her first design, what do you think? Let me share with you How to Make a Heart Shaped Pillow after the jump…